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UDC Summer Bridge Program


July 20 2014

The SSBP is planned for high school students who will be attending the University of the District of Columbia. The SSBP is a five-week program that begins in June of each year and includes the following activities:

Enhancement material for three college-wide non-credit courses, English, mathematics and science.
A one-credit freshman orientation course
A series of workshops designed to develop academic skills in note-taking, preparing for examinations, writing essays, and employing other skills that enhance the students’ academic performance and adjustment to college-life.
Enrichment activities including one out of town trip.
The Myer Briggs Type Indicator to provide a measure of the valuable differences in people.
And the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) that is used to measure the students’ use of learning and study strategies.

High school graduates who plans to enter the University of the District of Columbia and with an interest in majoring in one of the STEM disciplines.


Complete and submit a STEM Center Application
Two letters of recommendation from individuals having knowledge of the student’s academic interest.
A statement of interest written by the student.

Environmental Science ,Science


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