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Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship Award

   (415) 346-2051

A civil rights advocate and attorney, Minoru Yasui was one of the three Nisei who challenged the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WWII. After the war, Mr. Yasui practiced law and served as legal counsel dozens of community activities. In 1979, Mr. Yasui was appointed chair of the JACL Committee on Redress, in which he traveled extensively around the country advocating for redress and reparations.

Preference for this scholarship will be given to students with a strong interest in Human Rights and Civil Rights. Fields of study may include sociology, law or education.
Every applicant must be an active National JACL member. JACL Membership is open to everyone of any ethnic background. All who meet eligibility criteria are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Note: applicants need to hold an Individual or Student/Youth Membership (Couple/Family membership by a parent will not meet this requirement). You may join/renew online here

Applicants must be planning to attend full time at a college, university, trade school, business school, or any other institution of higher learning within the United States at the undergraduate or graduate school level in the fall of 2014. Students deferring enrollment will not qualify for the 2014 scholarship program.

Applicants may apply under only one scholarship category. The exception to this rule is that students may apply for consideration for the Abe & Esther Hagiwara Student Aid Award in addition to another category. However, a successful applicant will only receive the higher of the two awards applied for.

Education / Teaching ,Law


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