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Tougaloo College: Washington DC Area Alumni Scholarship


June 31

The Washington DC Area Tougaloo Alumni Chapter (WATAC) Scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to a
deserving Tougaloo College student who preferably is a resident from Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia. Also,
one scholarship will be awarded to a student who transfers from a Community College. The WATAC Scholarships
were established to help Tougaloo students with academic expenses. The scholarships will be awarded at the
beginning of the academic year. Scholars will be announced annually at WATAC events and on the website

Applicant must be enrolled as a full time student, 12 credit hours or more, in the fall of the academic year. High
school seniors and Community College students must provide proof of acceptance

1. Be a high school graduate, Community College transfer student or currently enrolled at Tougaloo;
2. Must have a 2.75 GPA or above;
3. Submit an essay (250 word essay addressing the value of a college education, career objective,
demonstrate involvement in community activities, and how their education will be benefited by
receiving the WATAC Scholarship);
4. Furnish one letter of recommendation (teacher, guidance counselor, clergy, employer, etc.);
5. Submit a copy of an official high school transcript or Tougaloo College transcript;
6. Must have a financial need as demonstrated by a completed Free Application for Federal Aid
(FAFSA) on file in the financial aid office of Tougaloo College;
7. Submit completed application before May 31 for the Academic year;
8. Submit an unofficial transcript to verify Spring semester Grades;
Only completed applications will be accepted for review (Applications must include items 3-8.);



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