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Washingotn University - St. Louis: Arthur Holly Compton Fellowship


February 15 2015

Each year, the College of Arts & Sciences awards academic scholarships to incoming freshmen in honor of distinguished Washington University teachers and scholars. Each student who is selected as a Compton, Mylonas, Moog, or Lien Honorary Scholar receives an award of up to full tuition and annual $1,000 stipend. All scholarships are awarded for each of the four years of study, as long as the Scholars are making satisfactory progress toward a bachelor's degree.

In addition, up to 16 Honorary Scholars Program scholarship applicants are named Liselotte Dieckmann Scholars and awarded four-year half-tuition scholarships.

Washington University is committed to providing our Honorary Scholars with an exceptional academic experience. We work with each Scholar to create an academic program tailored to his or her interests, whether they include combining studies in biology and ethics or spending a semester abroad. At the same time, the Honorary Scholars Program ensures that students are introduced to the variety of academic interests represented by our diverse faculty.

During their four years here, Honorary Scholars contribute immeasurably to our community. Their energy, curiosity, and love of learning affect all of us at Washington University.

High school seniors who possess outstanding academic records, rank high in their classes, and score in the upper ranges on the SAT and/or ACT are encouraged to apply for one of the scholarships or fellowships in the Honorary Scholars Program.


A faculty committee will conduct personal interviews with the finalists for the Compton, Mylonas, Moog, and Lien scholarships. To be eligible for the scholarships, finalists are required to come to Washington University for the interview and related activities. The university will pay for finalists' round-trip expenses within the United States and their expenses in St. Louis during these four days.


1. Submit an application for admission to the Washington University Class of 2019, including a transcript. Select the College of Arts & Sciences as your first choice on the Common Application.
2. Submit a separate application for the Honorary Scholars Program. Select the particular scholarship you seek: Compton, Mylonas, Moog, or Lien. You can choose only one. If you wish to apply online, you must first submit your Common Application to gain access to the WUSTL Pathway. You may apply online through a link when you log in to the WUSTL Pathway. If you prefer, you may also submit the application by mail.
3. Answer each of the following questions in 150 words or less:
1. In which of your accomplishments during high school do you take the greatest pride? (Choose no more than three, and be specific.)
2. Name one book that you read during the past year that you recommend. Why?
3. If you had the opportunity to have a conversation with an important figure, either contemporary or historical, whom would you choose? Why?
4. Why have you chosen to study the academic discipline (biological sciences and chemistry, physical sciences and mathematics, humanities, social and behavioral sciences) associated with the scholarship program you are seeking? You may include comments about both your academic interests and your professional/career goals.
5. Compton and Moog only: In 150 words or less, report any scores, test results, or competition results of interest. For example, tell us your scores on the AHSME and AIME exams, the results of competitions such as the physics or chemistry Olympiad, your national chess or bridge ratings, etc.
4. Write one original essay of approximately 750 words on the topic for the scholarship program to which you are applying:
- Compton (Mathematics, Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environmental Earth Sciences)
Within one of the disciplines listed above, describe a scientific reading or research project in which you have recently been engaged or that you would like to undertake. (If you choose to discuss a large research project in which you participated, do so in a manner that will permit the Compton Committee to assess your own contributions.) If applying for the Fossett Pathfinder Fellowship, you should focus your essay on environmental sustainability.
- Mylonas (Humanities)
Describe and critically evaluate a historical event; or philosophical issue of particular interest; or a literary text, musical composition, film, or work of art that has captured your attention.
- Moog (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Biology)
Describe a biology or chemistry reading or research project in which you have recently been engaged or that you would like to undertake. (If you choose to discuss a large research project in which you participated, do so in a manner that will permit the Moog Committee to assess your own contributions.) For the Fossett Pathfinder Fellowship, you should focus your essay on environmental sustainability.
- Lien (Social and Behavioral Sciences)
5. Describe and evaluate critically an issue or problem that falls within one or more of the social or behavioral sciences (African and African-American studies; American culture studies; anthropology; archaeology; economics; education; environmental policy; international and area studies; philosophy-neuroscience-psychology; political economy; political science; psychology; urban studies; or women, gender, and sexuality studies)
If you have research experience at a university or other recognized research program, you are strongly encouraged to ask a professor or other research mentor to write a recommendation based on your research experience and submit it as an optional recommendation through the Common Application.
6. Keep a copy of your completed scholarship application.

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