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University of Maryland Department of Art Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship


May 1

The Department of Art administers eight Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships (CAPA) annually. The application deadline is always April 1, or the following Monday if April 1 falls on a weekend. The CAPA amount is equivalent to full in-state tuition for one academic year (two regular semesters, excluding Winter or Summer terms). Newly admitted freshmen, transfer students, and ongoing art majors are eligible for CAPA scholarships. Freshman applicants and transfer students may apply contingent on their admission to the university. The department typically reserves two of the eight annual scholarships for incoming freshmen.

CAPA recipients must re-apply each year for renewal, for up to a total of four years of undergraduate study.

To qualify for the CAPA scholarship, by the April 1st deadline, you must meet the following criteria:
Be a current or newly-admitted undergraduate at the University of Maryland
Be a declared major in Studio Art
Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0
Have a minimum of two semesters remaining before graduating
During the term of the scholarship, you must:

Be enrolled full-time (earing 12 or more credit hours per semester)
Actively pursue a Studio Art degree (natural progression of coursework is a minimum of one ARTT course per semester)
Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.5 GPA within the Major

Studio Art


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