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Our network is dedicated to supporting students in the District accomplish their academic and career goals! Please take a look through our scholarship database to assist you in this process. This database has been comprehensively designed to support a wide array of careers, interests and disciplines. Use the search box to type in a topic of your choice.

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George M. Brooker Collegiate Scholarship

   (312) 329- or (800) 837-0706

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Be an undergraduate junior or senior level student or pursuing graduate or post-graduate studies.
Have a declared major in real estate or, if the college has no real estate major, a major in a related field.
Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale within his or her major. Official copies of all collegiate grade records, certified by the registrar or other qualified college official, must accompany the application.
Have completed two courses in real estate or indicate intent to complete such courses. If the college does not offer at least two courses in real estate, this should be so stated.
Secure three letters of recommendation in support of the scholarship application. One of the recommendations must come from a current or past instructor.
Submit a written essay (not to exceed 500 words) that explains why he or she wants to follow a career in real estate management, what he or she hopes to accomplish in the field, and why he or she believes that success in the field will come.

Real Estate